Environmental Delivery

Raw Materials

Moving raw materials, moving finished products, big trucks using lots of fuel and emitting lots of greenhouse gas. FLOR could not profess a mission of sustainability without giving serious consideration to moving all our FLOR-related stuff from A to B to C and beyond. But things must be moved, so here are a few ways we try to minimize the impact.

Sourcing Local

Even if we weren't concerned about the environment, we'd still be perfectionists. And that means we're not so keen on having our products produced half-way around the world where we can't see or be involved in the manufacturing process. We like to keep an eye on quality. In person. So we keep things local. In our case, this means the State of Georgia. And since it just so happens that we're also sustainability-driven, local production limits flying our product and ourselves all over the world to get work done and get FLOR to you, which significantly reduces our transportation costs, emissions and, ultimately, our environmental impact.