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Our Sustainability Efforts


Reclaiming (what's old is new again)

FLOR's Return & Recycle Program is revolutionary in the carpet industry. Encouraging our customers to send their old FLOR back to us to be recycled into new product was unheard of before FLOR. At our facilities in Georgia, Interface has invested heavily in technology and equipment that will most effectively separate face fibers and backing and allow us to recycle both to repurpose them into new products for a new life. We call these solutions Cool Blue™ and ReEntry 2.0™. They are considered so cutting-edge that there is even a patent pending on their technology.

Both solutions were more than worth the money and time investments when you consider that some five billion pounds of carpet ends up in landfills each year. With Cool Blue™ and ReEntry 2.0™, we're able to recycle face fibers into new raw materials for facing on new FLOR and recycle backing into new backing for FLOR. It puts the product life cycle in motion again - continuous, evolving, growing. It's what modularity and FLOR are all about.