Life Cycle

Because of what we make - modular carpet - FLOR is uniquely able to make your use of our product part of our responsible business equation, too. The ways modular FLOR comes to you, lives with you, gets cared for and even leaves your life again are all designed to be efficient, flexible and, ultimately, responsible.

Efficient Direct Purchase

Talk about efficient. Order directly at or through FLOR Customer Care 866.952.4093. FLOR boxes are delivered right to your door - like big pizza boxes, perfectly sized to house FLOR tiles in all their deliciousness.

Installation is quick, easy, ingenious and all yours. Line up the tiles and attach with FLORdots at the corners. Note the conspicuous lack of glues, tacks or padding. Efficient, indeed - so efficient our solution also anticipates digressions like you changing your mind. FLOR can be rearranged as often as you like.

Scalable, Adaptable, Maintainable

The beauty of modular is that it is customizable - FLOR allows you to build only what you want and need. This gives you flexibility in design, use (area rug, runner or wall-to-wall) and mobility, since you can take your FLOR with you. FLOR is simply ever-adaptable and ever-flexible, which is ever-efficient.

FLOR's modular mojo gives you the confidence to let your life happen without worry. FLOR is stain resistant, anti-bacterial and mold resistant. Our carpet squares can be quickly and easily washed with gentle soap and water in the sink, dried and put right back into place. When FLOR gets stained beyond repair, you can replace individual tiles - not a whole rug or whole room of carpet (less waste!). And yet, despite all this, FLOR still manages to be soft and livable. It's a rug you can live with for a long, long time. It is the hearty, evergreen, ever-new floor solution.


Think of how FLOR's modularity lends itself so easily to being repurposed. You can pick up FLOR tiles and take them with you when you move. You can break a larger rug into smaller entrance mats, runners, bathroom rugs. You can disassemble rugs and give them away to a friend, a neighbor or favorite charity. You can refresh designs by replacing a few tiles with new colors, textures or patterns. And if you find that you're done with your FLOR or even just a tile or two or six, call us - we want it back and we'll recycle it through our Return & Recycle Program.