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Casting a Wide Net of Innovation:
Return, Recycle, Reuse

At FLOR, environmental consciousness is built into every sourcing, design, and production decision we make – like manufacturing over 95% of our product line in the USA; offering a Return & Recycle Program to turn old FLOR into new products; and, transitioning our entire collection to 100% recycled yarn.

We've come up with some ingenious ways to keep many discarded products from ending up as trash, and we're finding new ones all the time – for example, we're now working with local partners from around the globe to turn discarded fishing nets into 100% recycled yarns for use in all new FLOR styles. To learn more about the Net-Works program, click here.

Return & Recycle Program

When your FLOR has lived its useful life, send it back through our Return & Recycle Program. Here's how it works:

  1. Package up the FLOR squares you want to recycle (we recommend reusing your original FLOR boxes).
  2. Email us, call us at 866.952.4093or visit a nearby FLOR store and tell us how many tiles and boxes you have to send back.
  3. We'll email you a pre-paid UPS label based on the weight of your packages. If you are unsure of the weight, don't worry; we can calculate it based on the number of FLOR squares in each box.
  4. At our Georgia facilities, face fiber and backing are cleanly separated using a new patented technology, ReEntry 2.0.
  5. The separated backing is shredded into small pellets and heated/melted using our patented Cool Blue™ technology to create post-consumer recycled GlasBacRE® backing.

Learn more about FLOR's Sustainability Efforts.