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Let's Play

Let's Play!

Colors, textures, and education—oh my! This D.C.-based design studio creates kids’ interiors that combine play-forward learning with whimsical, functional design.

Meet grOH! PLayrooms

Before they were creating play-forward spaces, grOH! Playrooms co-founders, Anne Gillyard and Jodi Arellano, were teachers. Using their background in education, they now spend their time helping families make play a priority with their kids’ interior design studio.

Their work blends bold design, educational context, and functional elements into epic play-forward spaces with FLOR rugs at the forefront of their designs. Check out what goes into creating these spaces where kids (and parents!) can thrive.

Instagram Icon Photo by @LauraMetzlerPhoto and @grohplayrooms
grOH! Playrooms co-founders, Anne Gillyard and Jodi Arellano in front of blue orange and pink wall

FLOR rugs are uniquely great for providing kiddos what they need while also being aesthetically pleasing.

We create spaces that are functional, durable, and organized to meet families’ unique needs long-term.

The customizability of FLOR rugs makes it easy for us to design unique spaces that have specific measurements, like a reading nook or a fort.

What is grOH! Playrooms?

We sat down for a chat with Anne Gillyard and Jodi Arellano to learn more about the creative process behind their playcentric designs.

Tell us about your design philosophy. What inspires your vision for a space?

grOH’s design philosophy is based on three pillars of thought: education, organization, and aesthetics and begins with listening and answering with creativity. We value honoring the needs of the parents, but more importantly, supporting the needs and development of their children, some of whom may be hard of hearing, have different mobility issues, or are neurodivergent.

What’s your secret to a perfect playroom?

The secret to a perfect playroom is fun! The grOH! creative process is a joyful, interactive design experience where we truly engage with our clients. Our design process allows us to make a lasting impact because every step and every decision is human-centered.

What are your tips for mixing and matching whimsical colors and patterns?

It’s all about balance. We are known for inspiring, fun color palettes, but we intentionally balance colors and patterns through color stories. We learn what our clients are drawn to and share options that have a unifying theme.

When you're choosing a rug for a playroom, what are some things to consider?

Having the right flooring is critical in a play-forward space. We choose flooring strategically to set kiddos up for success. We consider the texture of the floor, carpet pile density, and color variety as well as design that compliments the totality of our design.

Let′s Play!

Ready to design your own playcentric playroom? Start with some samples to find the perfect colors and styles and visit FLOR′s Rug Buying Guide to make sure you choose the right size for your space.


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