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Where Contemporary Meets Cozy

Step inside this modern condo tucked away in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Meet Materials + Methods Design

Say hello to Courtney Robinson, the creative mind behind Materials + Methods Design. As founder and creative director, Courtney brings a blend of New York chic and west coast warmth to interiors across the country. Her latest project: a sleek condo in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Check out Courtney’s design tips and don’t forget to share your pics with #myFLOR for a chance to be featured.

Photography by Kelsey Anne Rose

People think of stark, sterile spaces when they think of modern. But the interiors I create have a soft, contemporary touch.

Carry A Torch swatch

FLOR is great for kids or pets. If anything happens, it’s easy to switch out a tile without getting a completely new rug.

With carpet tiles, if you want to move furniture for guests or manipulate your space, you can just move a few tiles around.

Behind the Design

We sat down with Courtney to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this space and get a few tips on interior design.

Tell us about this design.

The owner of this condo had just adopted twins, so the presence of kids really influenced the design. It needed to be durable, but sophisticated. The space has a cigar lounge feel, but still meets the needs of everyone in the household.

What are your tips for designing in a home with an open plan?

Use a material, like a rug, to create a separation without building a wall or using a furniture piece. Two rugs can break up the space with your eyes and maintain cohesion at the same time.

When you’re choosing a rug, what are some things to consider?

Always consider who will be living there. That determines the material and budget you should choose, and how long your rug will last. Functionality and personality are important, too.

What is your favorite thing about FLOR rugs?

Sometimes rug shopping can be daunting, because they tend to be a costly commitment. FLOR rugs are affordable, plus they’re durable, and if anything happens you can switch out a tile.


Don't forget to share your photos with #myFLOR for a chance to be featured in our next catalog.