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How Custom FLOR Rugs Work

Bedroom with Banter area rug shown in Pigeon/Flint and Chalk/Mica with Small Talk and One Liner
Man installing custom FLOR area rug in a bright loft apartment

How To Make a Custom Rug With FLOR Carpet Tiles

  • FLOR carpet tiles connect to each other with adhesive FLORdots™ to make up an area rug of any size, color, or shape.
  • All available styles of FLOR carpet tiles can be combined in any way you want to create a custom rug that’s as unique as you are.
  • FLOR carpet tiles can also be ordered in custom cuts to create unique shapes and designs to build the perfect area rug for any space.
  • Design your custom rug yourself using our Design Studio, re-image one of our Get the Look designs with your own colors and styles, or work with a FLOR Design Consultant to discuss your space, define your style, and experiment with options for the perfect custom rug.
Custom Cuts
*Arc cut tiles will not align with full tiles. Arc cuts are intended to be used with Arc cuts and Arc Remnant cuts only.
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How to Create a Custom Sized Area Rug

FLOR runner rug Level Setting shown in Gold
Shipping Boxes
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How Your Custom FLOR Area Rug Arrives

Your custom FLOR area rug will arrive unassembled in several boxes roughly the size of a pizza box. Inside each package, you’ll find two components: your custom carpet tiles and the adhesive FLORdots you’ll use to connect the tiles. When unboxing your rug, use caution with sharp objects to avoid damaging the tiles inside.

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How to Install Your Custom FLOR Area Rug

The fun part: installing your carpet tiles. We make assembling your FLOR rug easy with three steps and two components—carpet tiles and FLORdots. Here’s how you can put together your FLOR rug with only one person required:

  • Before you can start installing your rug, clean your floor of any dirt, dust, and debris. Your FLOR area rug can be assembled on almost any clean and smooth floor type, including concrete, laminate, and hardwood.
  • See the direction arrows on the back of each tile for a guide on the recommended placement of your rug. FLOR provides a recommended placement specific to your rug design, but you can use your creativity to arrange the carpet tiles however you like.
  • To start assembling the rug, use the included FLORdots to connect your carpet tiles to each other—not the floor underneath. Place each dot sticky side up, then adhere the tile to its neighbor.

For more help, refer to our Installation Instructions or reach out to one of our professional design associates.

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Sample Before You Decide

Having trouble deciding on a look and feel? Test out different styles with samples, so you can find a look you love before you commit to the full size.

Order Samples
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How to Clean and Maintain Your Custom FLOR Rug

Accidents happen. That’s why we made our tile designs washable, easy to clean, and replaceable. Now, instead of cleaning or replacing the entire rug, you can simply pick up an individual tile to spot-clean or replace it.

For more detailed care and maintenance information, refer to our Carpet Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

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What to Do With Your Old Custom FLOR Area Rug? Recycle, Of Course!

If you’re ready to retire your rug, send the old carpet tiles back to us through our Return & Recycle Program. We’ll keep your old carpet out of landfills and transform it into a brand-new, eco-friendly style.

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