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Introducing Carbon Negative Rugs

At FLOR, we are utilizing materials that have sequestered carbon from the atmosphere and using it to create our first ever carbon negative area rugs.

While all of our rugs are carbon neutral across their lifecycle, our new collection draws more carbon from the air than it releases into the atmosphere from the extraction of the raw materials through manufacturing, also known as cradle-to-gate. The carbon negative materials in our new rug backings, in combination with ECONYL® yarn and our tufting process, result in a carbon negative carpet tile. The finished product brings together durability, beautiful design, and a negative carbon footprint that ultimately benefits both you and the planet.

Stratosphere Carpet Tile shown in Tan
Living room with NEW FLOR Stratosphere area rug shown in Tan with Hemisphere in Tan and Peninsula in Mahogany
NEW FLOR Peninsula area rug shown in Black with Stratosphere and Hemisphere in PIgeon

Rug Backings that Give Back

All of our rug backings are, at minimum, carbon neutral. But now, we offer three new backings that are designed to move beyond carbon neutral and toward a carbon negative future.
Econyl® Logo

FLOR partners with Aquafil, who recycles used nylon into beautiful yarns for our area rugs. Aquafil’s regenerated ECONYL® nylon is the same as brand-new nylon but doesn’t utilize new resources.

CQuest Diagram


This backing is made of post-consumer carpet tiles, bio-based elements, and pre-consumer recycled materials that are net carbon negative.


This non-vinyl backing is made with biopolymers, plus bio based and recycled fillers that are net carbon negative.


Our most sustainable backing, this has the same material makeup as Interface’s CQuestBio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.

Responsible IconProducts with this symbol are made with CQuest™ .

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Like the yarns used in our rugs, our journey to sustainability is woven into who we are. Between responsibly sourced materials, manufacturing powered by renewable energy, and carbon negative rug backing technology, FLOR’s environmentally friendly rugs look beautiful in your home while being safe for the earth.
That’s why we’ve teamed up with our parent company, Interface, Inc., to make a positive impact on the environment with four sustainability initiatives:

Live Zero


A Natural Fit


Create with Carbon


Act for the Future


After a life-changing epiphany, the CEO of a global public company embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020. To succeed, they must overcome deep skepticism, abandon the status quo, and ignite a new industrial revolution. Beyond Zero offers an inspirational roadmap for how businesses can reverse climate change.

Join us in our quest to go beyond ‘doing less harm’ and towards a future where we create opportunities and products that have a positive environmental impact. When we stop seeing carbon as the enemy and start using it as a resource, we can create something meaningful.

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Our sustainable rugs are designed with you and the earth in mind. Show us how you use #myFLOR to celebrate #EarthDayEveryDay