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  • Cuts

    per cut tile

Welcome Tour

Let's show you around to help you start designing the FLOR of your dreams.

  • Tile Shapes

    Select the kind of FLOR tile you'd like to use. You can drag a new tile shape onto the canvas and select the color of your choice for a truly custom rug.

  • Select shapes in the template to edit.

    Click to select then select a style in palette to paint all tiles sharing that shade.

  • Select pieces of your rug to edit.

    Click to select then select a style in palette to paint all tiles sharing that style.

  • Style Palette

    Choose a style for your new FLOR. Browse your options in “More Styles” and drag a tile onto your rug. Or you can save what you like and select from your list later in “My Styles.”

  • Style Palette

    Change the styles in your new FLOR. Use the "More Styles" button and add them to your palette.

    Click a tile to apply the style to the pieces sharing the same shade or pattern as the selected tile in the rug.

  • Menu

    Save your current design, look back at other designs you’ve saved, or start a new design from scratch.

  • User Guide

    Trying to find your way around FLORbuilder? The Builder’s Guide is always here to show you the way!

  • Free Design Help

    Work one-on-one with a Design Associate by phone or email to define your style, discuss your space, and experiment with options for the perfect rug.

  • Project Info

    Check out the details of your project and update the size of your design or the surrounding floor to see how it’ll look in your home.

  • Print & Share

    If you like what you see, print your design, or share it with others.

  • Rotate selected tiles to customize your design.

    Use the trash icon to delete the shape

  • Rotate selected shape to customize your design.

    Use the trash icon to delete the shape.

    Select a pattern in the style palette to paint the shape.

  • Project Summary

    Review quantity and pricing for your design. If you are satisfied, simply add to cart, print out your design, or share via Email.

  • Add to Cart

    When you're happy with your design, add it to your cart and check out.

The FLOR Design Studio is not available on mobile phones.
Please visit on your desktop or on your tablet in landscape orientation to design a beautiful custom FLOR rug.