January 17, 2012

Mid Century Modern

As a child of the ’80′s, my first exposure to Mid Century architecture and design was the Brady Bunch set.  The colors, the bold lamps, the modern staircase, it was so foreign to me in my 1940′s colonial in New Jersey.


The interpretation of Mid Century Modern has certainly changed since the Brady Bunch’s 1970′s version.


In a nutshell, Mid Century Modern is a design form represented in architecture, products and decor that describes mid-20th century developments in modern design and architecture from around 1933 to 1965.  Thirty-plus years of modern design enthusiasts working toward more organic form within design.  Here in this day and age, we have pioneers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles and Ray Eames to thank for a design aesthetic that seems to translate well into almost every era since its inception.


Mid Century Modern design has a way of drawing me in.  It seems so different to me from what I knew growing up and I find it fascinating. The aesthetic is an emotional one for me – looking at it makes me feel free and unencumbered and relaxed. Yet that freedom requires some serious attention to form!

These more modern interpretations of Mid Century Modern are refreshing and invigorating.  A small pop of yellow in the side table below is cheery without being childish.


On a larger scale than the side table is this beautifully restored dresser.  Both the image above and below feature painting a portion of the piece white.  I think it is fun to see the difference in the ratios of natural wood to white.


The credenza below looks like it would fit in a home today just as well as in a home from the 50′s or 70′s.

(found here and credited to here with no further source)

But this credenza below, while also untainted by paint, feels like a more modern interpretation of Mid Century Modern because of its relation to its surroundings.  The white on white color palate with the pops of color create a beautiful vignette.

(found here and credited here with no further source)

Do you have any Mid Century pieces in your collection?

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