April 12, 2012

A Color Story: White Walls with Colorful Pops

Once again, I am loving this week’s Color Story space. There are so many design goodies and color moments in here that you can easily create in your own space. First, the room is a fantastic example of small space dwelling. There is real balance in here and – yes – larger pieces of furniture. (trust me, bigger in small works!) The room tone is fairly neutral with a backdrop of white and cream. So where’s the color that is abundant throughout the space? It’s interpreted and shared through the décor accents. I have always loved this style – keeping a blank slate and letting your favorite items and personal picks showcase the room. So how do you achieve this look? Let’s take a look a at a few ideas:

 1)     Corner Living – this room’s square footage is not too big but it certainly has been utilized with a resourceful corner bookcase. Let’s be honest, using corners can be tough design moment. This space often goes undesigned (which is ok too. Undesigned corners can provide negative space and an anchor in a room) In this case, the corner is used perfectly with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

 2)     Go up, up, up – along with the corner bookcases comes the much needed balance of height in the room. I encourage all small space dwellers to use their vertical space. This draws the eyes up and gives you extra storage and display space.

3)     Edit – Consider following the idea that “less is more” when it comes to designing your décor. That doesn’t mean you can “go for it” and share tons of design pieces. Just make sure that there is harmony in your space, including creating negative space (which is space that goes unused but provides a balance) Look through your space and edit out a few items that don’t work, feel right or are not cohesive in your design.

4)     Zone living – You can have many different “areas” in just one small space. This is achieved through being consistent with your lines when placing furniture and décor.

5)     Lighting style – Making sure your space is lit well can make a huge difference in a room. Once again, balance can be created when placing lights in certain areas. Look around your space and make sure your lights are complementing your room.

 What do you think of this pretty space? Would you decorate your space with pops of color?

Image via Heartbeatoz

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