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Trina Turk x FLOR

Known for bright colors and bold patterns, fashion designer Trina Turk’s line of chic ready-to-wear radiates optimism. We’ve collaborated with Trina to bring her signature style to an exclusive collection of FLOR area rugs.

Each rug takes inspiration from Trina’s personal archive of designs, inspired by her world travels, favorite patterns and colors, and vintage materials. This collection is responsibly made with materials that are recyclable and 100% net carbon-neutral.

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Rugs with this symbol are part of the Trina Turk x FLOR collection.

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I don’t believe in taking yourself too seriously.

A lot of the inspiration for the collection came from garments housed in our vintage room.

We lean into beauty and versatility by offering a range of bold colors and patterns and balancing them with neutrals.

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I grew up in ’60s and ’70s California. Those years were a colorful and crafty time on the West Coast.

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FLOR brings adaptability, customization, and cleanability, while Trina Turk brings versatility

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Behind the Trina Turk x FLOR Collection

Tell us about yourself, your brand, and your design philosophy. 

I grew up in ’60s and ’70s California. Those years were a colorful and crafty time on the West Coast—in fashion, interior design, and generally in the culture. Remember yellow and orange cars?

I’m half-Japanese on my mom’s side. I moved to LA in 1985 for a design job and have been based here ever since—I consider myself an Angeleno. Trina Turk was launched in 1995, after working as a designer for other brands for 12 years. The early years of my career were spent mostly designing juniors, so a goal in starting Trina Turk was to design something I would actually wear myself. My design philosophy is based on American ready-to-wear and all that encompasses. I don’t believe in taking yourself too seriously.

You play a lot with bold colors and patterns—can you tell us what inspires these design choices? 

Weekly flea market forays around LA in the late ’80s and early ’90s with my late husband Jonathan Skow had us looking at tons of vintage printed textiles, which we started to collect.

By offering vivid color and print from the beginning, we stood out a bit in a sea of minimalism. Buyers responded to the print and color, and that was what I was interested in anyhow, so the two combined set the tone and led the way for the brand.

Tell us about your collaboration process and how FLOR played a role. 

We have a large archive of vintage garments, accessories, wallpaper, prints, and textiles at the Trina Turk design studio, which we call the vintage room. In our first meeting, we reviewed many more ideas than needed, so it became an editing process. We knew it was going to be good even at that first meeting.

The partnership with FLOR seemed very natural as we both have an affinity for color, and as I looked through the brand’s catalog, there seemed to be an organic match. I thought the idea of using our archive of patterns in the FLOR tile concept would be really interesting.

What aspects of FLOR mirror your own design choices and brand? 

I think FLOR and Trina Turk have lots of similarities when you take into account FLOR’s brand pillars—smart, beautiful, and responsible. Responsibility and sustainability are such important topics within fashion and interior design. For FLOR, responsibility means recyclability and carbon neutrality within their area rugs, and for Trina Turk, our responsibility shows in our designing of collections that are meant to last. Our pieces are not something our customers throw away after wearing once. We are also experimenting with sustainable fabrication.

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Get started building your Trina Turk X FLOR rug by selecting samples to find the perfect colors and styles and visiting FLOR’s Rug Buying Guide to make sure you choose the right size for your space.