A Nod To Vintage

Vintage is a staple in today’s modern décor, but it’s also a rather timeless trend and certainly one that’s not going away. Those emotions that are invoked by our favorite vintage pieces don’t belong to a certain decade or generation; they belong to each of us, and are infused into our lives through the surroundings we create.

So we dusted off some of our favorite time-honored textures and patterns and put a modern spin on your home design with FLOR’s Vintage collection.

Watch This is brightly-colored patchwork patterns that are components of other FLOR, together in a bold and brash reinterpretation.

Remebrance is a melange of Persian rug references in a modern remix.

Overtly romantic colorations and low contrast, active patterning give a vibe that hints that your Heirloom rug might have seen some fun in the age of jazz.

One of the most popular motifs in modern textile design, Arabesque is our paisley interpretation that adds a bit of geometry to iconic organic swirl.

Reoriented is a modern twist on traditional art form resembling sewn-together rug remnants in updated, over-dyed colors.

All of these styles are made using 100% recycled Nylon face fibers – taking old and turning it into new.  Our new Vintage Collection merges old-world inspired patterns with new-world technology to create classic, timeless designs that keep up with your lifestyle.  View the entire Vintage Collection.

photos: 1.) homedit.com 2.) jubella.com 3.) jubella.com 4-8.) FLOR.com

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Designing for Spring

We recently shared with you the Evolution of our FLOR Stores, complete with street-level views of our seven retail locations.

Well, we think it’s time to take a stroll inside those walls and give you a glimpse of what our design consultants are up to. With several new styles launching this Spring, our store consultants got a chance to show off their design chops and, as usual, they didn’t disappoint.  Here are just a few of the in-store rugs they fashioned.

Atlanta and Chicago each had their own version of a basket weave.

Brooklyn went full tilt with Full Kilt.

Chicago and Santa Monica were all about vibrant colors in our Fedora (felt) texture

Dallas showed its luxury side with this plush rug inset with a border

Our designers in Houston and Atlanta showed off those runners for narrow spaces.

To see the whole Spring Collection in person and the unique rugs our design consultants can create for you, visit a FLOR Store near you.

And for those of you currently not near a FLOR Store, keep an eye out as we have new stores opening up this Spring and may have one coming to your city (we’re looking at you, San Francisco).

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Behind-the-Scenes: FLOR Makeover (Mood Boards)

We had such a great time working with Rebecca and Tyler, the winners of our first-ever FLOR Makeover contest.  Their “bring it on” spirit and refined design aesthetic meshed beautifully with FLOR’s point of view.

With the clean, white background of their beautiful home, we had a wonderful opportunity to introduce a mix of colors that would tie the rooms, furniture and fixtures together and help define areas as well.  So, with that … here is what we created:

The Proposed Layout:

We started with the entry.  Rebecca already had a FLOR rug that she and her husband had designed, which we loved (below).

The Entry (before):

We wanted to retain the spirit of their design but update it with textures that were a little more foyer-friendly and could withstand the dirt and foot traffic that area demands.  We kept the “+” design from the original rug, but chose FLOR styles Mild Mannered and Straight and Narrow – both have a ribbed texture and use varied yarns to provide amazing camouflaging benefits.  Check out the combo in our new design, below.

Then, there was the issue of the long hallway leading into the main living space.  We tossed around lots of ideas – from a plush, shaggy wool rug to a multi-colored runner – and landed on a genius custom design using a range of colors and textures.  The blend provides not only a stunning focal point and sumptuous mix of textures, but it will also stand up to sprints by the couple’s young son and daughter.  Our designer, Cristina, came up with this unique Chevron-inspired design using a combination of 2″ strips of FLOR styles Level Setting, House Pet, Rake Me Over, Feelin’ Groovy, Shear Indulgence, Fedora and Reverb (see specifics and links below).

FLOR’s Entry & Hallway Mood Board:


  1. Umbrella Basket – Blow up, Umbrella Stand by Fratelli Campana from Alessi
  2. Coat Rack - 2d/3d Coat Rack by Blu Dot from Hive Modern
  3. FLOR’s Custom Hallway Runner – (2″ strips each of) Level Setting in Black + House Pet in Hummingbird and Hamster + Rake Me Over in Teal + Feelin’ Groovy in Sunny and Yellow + Shear Indulgence in Suffolk White + Fedora in Chartreuse + Reverb in Lime.
  4. FLOR’s Entryway RugMild Mannered in Charcoal + Straight & Narrow in Lime.

For the dining area, Rebecca and Tyler wanted a pop of color and a circular shape to mimic their classic Tulip dining table.

The Dining Room & Kitchen (before):

We chose Rake Me Over in a bright pink and custom-cut it as a large circle.  The texture will feel delicious on the toes and will also help hide spills should the dog drop one of those yummy table-scraps!

FLOR’s Dining Room & Kitchen Mood Board:


  1. FLOR’s Custom Dining Room RugRake Me Over in pink
  2. Kitchen Pendant85 Lamps by Rody Graumans
  3. Dining Room TableSaarinen Dining Table by Hive Modern
  4. Dining Room Chairs – Eames Restored Shell Chairsby Plastolux
  5. VasesMorandi Bottle Vases by Canvas
  6. Table MatsPinetti Italian Leather Table Mats by David Mellor Design
  7. Cutlery- Odeon Stainless Steel Cutlery by David Mellor Design
  8. Storage JarsBodum Glass Storage Jars by David Mellor Design
  9. Mug - Pantone Ceramic Mug from Apartment Therapy
  10. DishesWalter Gropius TAC Porcelain by Rosenthal

In the living room, which is where the family spends a lot of time together and gathers to watch movies and television, they wanted something super soft and comfortable.

The Living Room (before):

We used one of the über plush styles from our new floresse collection, Manx, and interspersed slivers of Rake Me Over in two shades of yellow to provide contrasting color while maintaining the plush texture.  The free-form shape will also complement the serpentine of the new Togo sofa the couple has their eyes on.

Our design and stylist teams also provided a few accessory suggestions to play off of the rug designs we created and continue the modern-with-a-twist theme seen throughout the couple’s home.

FLOR’s Living Room Mood Board:

  1. FLOR Custom Living Room Rug – Manx in Gotland Grey + 1/4-tiles of Feelin Groovyin Sunny & Yellow
  2. SofaTogo Sofa by Michel Ducaroy
  3. Wall Unit/Room Divider 1950s George Nelson Wall Unit by Herman Miller
  4. Window TreatmentsRipple Fold Drapery by The Shade Store
  5. Throw Pillow “Eames Chair” - 1956 in Chocolate and Sunflower by Inhabit
  6. Throw Pillow “You Are”You Are in Lime and Chocolate by Inhabit
  7. Throw Pillow “Let’s Make Out”Let’s Make Out in Coco and Oatmeal from Etsy
  8. Retro TelephoneCitrus Yellow Telephone by Sweet Bella
  9. Coffee TableAlster by Ligne Roset
  10. Wool ThrowSwiss Army Blanket by Deken
  11. Fire PitEcoSmart Fireplace from Remodelista

We were ecstatic to have full freedom to create these one-of-a-kind designs and patterns for our winners and cannot wait to see them in Rebecca and Tyler’s home.  They were a true pleasure to work with and we hope they had as much fun as we all did here at FLOR.

We will be sure to share the finished look with you all in a future post, so be sure to check back in a few weeks!




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What Makes FLOR Different?

Everyone here at FLOR firmly believes in the products we produce.  We often talk about the differences that go into the design and manufacture of FLOR products, but we thought it would be great to hear it direct from our company president, Greg Colando.

In this video, Greg explains why FLOR is a better and smarter alternative to conventional area rugs or rolled carpeting; he discusses how designing with FLOR carpet squares gives you tremendous design flexibility and freedom to create custom designs to suit your taste and space; and, he talks about why modular FLOR tiles are simply a more practical way to cover your floors for today’s busy lifestyles.

We love what we do and want everyone to share in the joy of FLOR carpet squares.  We believe that once you experience the FLOR difference, you will never want to go back to traditional rugs or carpeting again.

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Behind the Scenes: 2011 Fall Catalog Shoot

The new Fall FLOR catalog is in homes today.  Here are some snapshots behind the scenes of this season’s catalog shoot.

Sometimes all it takes to create a totally unique look is a change of perspective.  Here, our designers used three hues of House Pet and simply slid every other square off-center to create a brick pattern.  The end result is dramatic yet really easy to achieve.

From a higher vantage point it becomes easier to see the shift.  Download this rug map to create a brick pattern of your own.

Final catalog shot:

Our designers started with this cool configuration of the runner on the back cover featuring our new style, Reverb

… but, the we love the final shot just as much.  Both include ½-cut tiles to create a unique checkerboard or interlocking sort of design.  Plus, the color combination is a knock-out.

Final catalog shot:

The bright green painting was the focal point of this room, so our designers chose to play off that piece to create this multi-colored patchwork rug in Toy Poodle.  It serves as this season’s page 2-3 editorial feature, and helps to illustrate simple FLOR math:  square + dot = rug.

… last-minute primping of the model before the final shot for the page 2-3 editorial spread.

Final catalog shot:

We just love the cool and serene blend of blues in this rug, which uses House Pet to add some texture and pizzazz to the room.

Final catalog shot:

To create the magic you see in the catalog each season truly takes a village.  Our team does everything from producing the props (yummy baked cupcakes)…

… to critiquing each shot for composition and lighting, making sure it is just right…

… to entertaining the talent between takes (with kids, that can be a handful!).

Final Catalog Shots:

Sign-up to get your copy of our catalog or shop our new Fall Collection.

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