June 21, 2011

TED: David Adjaye

Every year, I look forward to the TED conference. It always proves to attract some of the most prominent thinkers, writers, and doers. Last week, TED revealed next months TED Global speakers. One speaker is of particular interest to me. Mr. David Adjaye.

“One of the UK’s most buzzed-about architects, David Adjaye — of Ghanaian descent — designed the Nobel Peace Center. His new challenge: thinking about ways to develop the cultural infrastructure of Africa”. ted

David’s vision of the power of architecture and design is fundamentally aligned with my own. David shares his philosophy, excitement, and energy for design in this you tube video. Mr Adjaye speaks in his charming British accent about his objective to make change through design. “Design is a device to change the world; to change the quality of peoples lives. Architecture for me is a very physical way of transforming, and a very immediate way of uplifting a life. If the built environment controls a massive amount of our psyche, design controls everything that we touch and use. I wanted to be part of that industry that choreographs the quality of our lives, and contribute as much as I could in my small bit”. David Adjaye His work is expressed in simple, clear, dynamic form and space, provoking “deeply thoughtful ideas” about the function and essence the environment. The bold use of color applied uniformly in a space creates a dramatic and heightened sense of purpose.

David Adjaye has designed prominent work including the Idea Store in London and the The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.  The images below are of the Nobel Peace Center. It was a former train station, beautifully adapted into a place of learning advancing the understanding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

I look forward to David’s TED presentation, and a discussion about his Urban Africa Project. David’s focus on the design of everyday shelters and experiences is enriching and improving lives.

For more information about the work of David Adjaye visit his website http://www.adjaye.com.
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