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Work In Style.

Our innovative area rugs are the perfect design solution for offices, conference rooms, and high-profile collaborative spaces.

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At home, work, and every place in between, we blend beautiful design, smart functionality, and environmental responsibility into all the spaces people live.

Work in style with high-end designs that are anything but business as usual.
FLOR carpet tiles and FLORdots™ (TacTiles®) make our rugs customizable, easy to clean, and a snap to install.
Beautiful design shouldn’t come at the expense of a beautiful planet. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and recycling, our rugs are made with the earth in mind.

The Arras Collection

Introducting our newest collection that uses innovation technology to create dynamic pile heights and patterning reminiscent of handwoven and flat-weave rugs.

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Learn how FLOR can help you create the perfect space.

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There are no reps for the selected location at this time. For assistance, please call us at 866.481.3164 or email us at FLORorders@FLOR.com.