October 4, 2012

A Beach Hut in Uruguay

As the weather turns cooler here in the states, I find my eye wandering to more… tropical locations. Naturally, this beach hut in Uruguay is making my heart yearn for seaside air, starry nights and endless solitude.

Even though the hut has no running water or electricity, it certainly oozes with style. How wonderful is the tiny space above the kitchen, accessible by a Scandinavian-inspired ladder? It certainly redefines the term ‘breakfast nook‘!

A space as small as a beach hut calls for minimal bells and whistles, so I love the restrained use of color here. By adding in plenty of layered textures, the rooms still feel inviting without overwhelming the eye. Such a perfectly relaxed balance indeed!

And sometimes, you just want to sleep on the floor, yes? Yes.

Images: Javier Csecs via My Scandinavian Home

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