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Design your own

Welcome to the Design Studio

Bring your rug to life by customizing a pre-designed rug or building one from scratch. No matter where you start, you'll end up with a rug that's beautiful, functional and uniquely you.

Best Sellers

Start from a pre-designed rug

Browse our most-loved designs to get inspired and make it your own.

Start from a template

Choose a pattern and bring it to life with the colors and styles that speak to you.

Start from a blank canvas

The world is your oyster with our new and improved Design Studio—explore the possibilities.

Start Designing


The FLOR Design Studio is not available on mobile phones.
Please visit on your desktop computer or on your tablet in landscape orientation to design a beautiful custom FLOR rug.

Free Design Services

Call us today for free tips and advice or stop by a store to see your FLOR come to life before your eyes.


In Store Consultation