All Good, All Green

At FLOR, Earth Day doesn’t come just once a year. Like the yarns used in our rugs, sustainability is woven into who we are and the products we create. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and recycling, FLOR tiles are beautiful for your home and safe for the earth.

Sustainable by Design

From ocean shores to lush palm leaves, our designs are inspired by the natural world we live in. So, it’s no surprise that our yarn comes from unlikely places, like old fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles. We save resources by using what’s already made and keep our oceans cleaner.

Clean Manufacturing

We are committed to eliminating any negative impact we have on the environment. We’ve achieved carbon neutrality on our products by drastically reducing our carbon footprint and addressing the rest of our emissions through carbon offset investments. All our products globally are carbon neutral across their entire product lifecycle.

Send Us Your Old Tiles

Send us your old tiles and we’ll turn them into new ones. When old carpet comes in, the backing is separated from the yarn and turned into pellets that becomes new backing. Since 1995, we’ve recycled millions of pounds of carpet each year. With your help, nothing ever goes to the landfill.

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