While FLOR tiles come in 19.7” x 19.7” squares, they can be cut in a variety of ways to create a truly custom rug design. In the application these cuts are represented as Tile Shapes. The 9 shapes (cuts) the application currently supports includes:

  • Full Size
  • 1/2 Tile
  • Quad Tile
  • 1/3 Tile
  • 1/4 Tile
  • 1/9 Tile
  • 1/16 tile
  • Diagonal
  • Arc Cut
  • Arc Remnant
Shape Toolbar

You can use cut pieces to achieve your ideal rug dimensions, as a design element with your rug, or to properly proportion a border with an inset.

All tiles are cut against the grain and all FLOR squares and cut pieces are connected with our FLOR dots.

There is an additional fee of $3.50 per tile cut. You will be charged $3.50 even if you only use 1 cut of a tile.

Please Note: Not all FLOR styles are eligible for cutting. The following FLOR styles can only be applied to full-size tiles:

  • House Pet
  • Heaven Sent
  • Dillinger
  • Salvatore
  • Zebra Crossing